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Who We Are

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Who We Are

We operate a tech-enabled medication procurement and delivery service in Kenya and South Sudan to help patients get medicines and diagnostics at home and at work as fast as we can and at the best prices.

THREE concerns our clients experience:


Insurance premiums are high and many employers can’t afford a health insurance policy for their front-line staff. Even those who offer insurance are concerned about the rising cost. In Kenya, patients pay 32% more for medicines than patients in the UK for the same medical condition.


Persons seeking medical service are worried about the wait time. They are afraid to queue in the hospital because of exposure to COVID. They also sometimes can’t take time away from work. Furthermore, when sick, patients have to go to multiple location for care. They need to find a good doctor. Then next find a good lab. Then find a good pharmacy. At each service point, they are not sure of the quality or the price. It is very frustrating, especially for persons with chronic diseases who need to seek services every month.


Majority of people don’t have a personal doctor. They do not know who to call in case they have a medical question or need assistance. Hence, the opt to go to the local clinic even when they doubt the quality of service.

What we do

Our goal is to help employers and companies keep their employees and their families healthy. In the event they fall sick, they can count on a trusted Company-approved partner to give them all the services they need.

Dr. Moka Lantum
C.E.O Checkups Medical Center


Best prices for Medicines, Laboratory Tests and Diagnostics

Frictionless access and Fast service

We use Technology to make it easy for patients to get help. Just text our Whatsapp line – 0703 665 911 or Call 0711 082 911 and we take over

Quality Care and Support

We check on our patients to ensure 100% response to treatment. You are not alone. We hold the patient all the way. Refills. Revisits. Adherence to guidelines. We get people well fast and complete.