Our mission is to serve 1 person for every dollar we use to build the network.
Therefore, with each clinic serving 160 lives per day in the clinic and workplaces – either through health talks, screening, treatment or remote medication delivery, we can serve 10 million patients in East Africa over the next 7-year (i.e., during the useful life of the assets in the 25 clinics).
And if 51% are women of reproductive age, then 5 million women will be touched.
And if 10% are pregnant, then 500,000 healthy pregnancies will give 500,000 healthy babies.
And if 500,000 women have healthy pregnancies, then 5,000 maternal deaths will be prevented…
It’s taken 7 years to get this right with OVER 1 million dollars in REVENUE AND ASSETS.
Now – CHECKUPS needs $10 million to serve more low-wage and humanitarian workers in East Africa.

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