Streamlining Blood Glucose Monitoring

The wireless GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor measures and seamlessly communicates blood glucose data to any iOS or Android mobile device. With no wires or complex communication protocols, reliable ongoing health information is immediately available to patients and caregivers via the GlucoMe Mobile App and to medical professionals via GlucoMe’s cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic.

Small, Simple, Robust, Reliable

The simplest connected monitor on the market, the GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor is super-small, stylish, and extremely simple to use.

The GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor accurately measures blood glucose and transfers the data to the smartphone.

Seamless Connectivity, High Reliability

The GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor connects with any iOS or Android smartphone using a simple, unique, and patented acoustic data transfer method.

Highly-reliable, robust and accurate, the GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor’s data transmission mechanism is not influenced by environmental noise.

Tested in over 1200 scenarios at various noise levels and diverse environments (office, concerts, nature, restaurant etc.), GlucoMe performed flawlessly, with 100% measurement accuracy and integrity.